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Position:  BIM/CAD Operating Consultant/Specialist/Freelancer

          Job Reference Code:  ZJA001FC

          Number of Opening:  To Be Determined

Candidates must be proficient in BIM and CAD programs along with a minimum of no less than two years of full time practical working experience on the architectural projects with BIM and CAD applications. Candidates must also possess a B.A. degree in Architecture or equivalent disciplines. In addition, candidates must be self-disciplined and self-motivated and be able to meet during (r)Za’s normal business hours.

(r)Za uses both BIM and CAD platform to complete the architectural design and drawings. Qualified individuals will be contracted by (r)Za on a job-to-job basis. Qualified individuals must agree to adopt the BIM/CAD standards established by (r)Za to perform all the modeling and drafting tasks. Anyone contracted with (r)Za  is not an employee of (r)Za. Such individuals will work in their own office and use their own equipment to complete the tasks to the level of (r)Za ‘s satisfaction.




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