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2021.02.03 Wednesday

In the past 10 years since last time updated the news, (r)Za has had the opportunities to expand the project types in various categories. These include new warehouse, new hotel, new classroom building, existing office building renovation, existing commercial site ADA upgrades, and code violation corrections, etc. (r)Za has won the reputation and trust by offering exceptional quality services and products recognized by the past clients and local authorities. In addition, (r)Za can have expanded the project types thanks to our competitive fees in comparison to other well-established architectural firms. Please contact (r)Za for your free consultation and to learn more about us. We are eager to work for you.

2011.04.25, Monday

After years of development, (r)Za’s next version of web site is finally here. The new look of our web site gives us a refresh start and new energy. We are ready to strike...for more real business. We will constantly update the web pages and share our latest news and projects with you.