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Rongjue Zhang Architects, Inc., DBA RZ Architects or (r)Za, is the U.S.-based architectural design and consulting firm. We focus on creative architectural design, innovative master planning and refreshing interior renovation. Our philosophy is to emphasize the aesthetical appearance and environmental responses.

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Since the operation of (r)Za, we have been offering to meet our Clients at the place and time they want. What does this mean? This means a lot. It means flexibility and convenience. It also means savings.

Here is what (r)Za “MOBILE OFFICEConcept is:

We offer to meet our Clients at a place they like. Such as a place can be more closer to their office, home, or project site to save their travel; or a place like cafe to have a more casual and relaxing atmosphere. Meeting at a public place also works out better with our Clients’ busy schedule. Many of our Clients cannot meet until late of the day or on the weekend. During those times our office is normally closed. More importantly, the less frequent use of our office space, the less office overhead we generate. We are benefited from this savings to be able to lower our service fees. As a result, we transfer such savings to our Clients.

Introducing (r)Za “MOBILE OFFICE™” Concept